Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Final Name, I Promise!

I have at long last decided on a permanent name and URL for my blog!  Take note of the URL, particularly the hyphens.  If you think it's too long, I encourage you to bookmark the page. 

New developments in my Romanian journey:
1. I have applied for a renewed passport.  It was very irritating that I had to pay the extra fee since it was my first adult passport.   I had a passport before but was just under 15 when I got it.  I was very sad to part with the extra $25.
2. My Romanian friends with whom I work have been teaching me new words and phrases, as well as correcting my pronunciation and spelling.  By the end of the summer I hope I will have speaking skills good enough to get me through stores, restaurants, and public transportation successfully!
3. I am unofficially leaving the US for Romania on September 27th.  I haven't bought my plane ticket yet, but that's the date I am planning to fly!
4. We will be having a sending off party on September 17th.  Everyone who knows me well enough to be a Facebook friend or have my phone number is welcome to come, as are family members.  Details may be obtained by request via personal correspondence.

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