Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm here! I'm here! I'm finally here!

I had to say goodbye to my parents and sister yesterday.  It was sad, but also a happy farewell.  I'll be home for Christmas, so the time I'm away from home will be nothing new; I was always away from home this often between the start of college at the end of August and Thanksgiving.
At the airport in Boston.

Kim and I at the airport.

I left the US at 10pm (Eastern) and arrived in Constanta at approximately 5pm (Romania time)  That makes for a journey lasting about 12 hours.  It's not too bad, but I have been awake now for about 29 hours now, so I'm getting pretty drowsy.

My hotel room.
 I'm sitting in my hotel room right now.  It's not luxury, but it's nice, albeit slightly eclectic (I'm not sure how the "Down By the Seashore" plaque with sand dollars on it matches the rest of the decor.)

Yes, that is a built-in ash tray on the top of the toilet paper dispenser.

I was able to make my way to a bustling street where I found a bancomat (ATM) and a cell phone store where I was able to buy a SIM card.  My phone works limitedly for now.  I'm still working out the the kinks and I'm not sure I'll end up sticking with this provider once my credit is up, but I have a way to call people, yay!

Tomorrow's plan is to go to the train station to catch a 9:15 train to Constanta.  However, the driver the Fulbright Commission sent to pick me up left in a bit of a hurry so I'm not sure he knows when to pick me up in the morning.  He did sort of shout something as he left, but between his non-existent English skills and my REALLY weak Romanian, all I got out of it was a "Good evening" at the very tail end.  We shall see.

I'm beat, so I'm going to sleep soon.  I'll tell you more tomorrow!

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